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Anxiety doodles turn out pretty much like drunk doodles. 

Cool, but whatthefuckevenisit.

Sketches of various constrictor profiles, attempting to help illustrate that these snakes don’t just vary in color and size, but there’s tons of variation even down to facial structure.

This was a fun exercise~

Asker skullbird Asks:
Hey Brad! I've got a ball python that went off feed in Sept after a move + cage upgrade from a 1'x1.5' glass tank to a 2'x3' plastic custom enclosure. She has four hides, temps 82-90. Not handling her. She weighed ~1700g in Sept, and now weighs 1568g now. I've tried everything but live in terms of getting her interested in food. Is it vet time, or could it still be a winter fast, and i shouldn't stress? She fasted 4 months last year. Thanks, friend :<
skullbird skullbird Said:


Its probably still a winter fast. Thats not too big of a drop in weight for her size, so I wouldn’t be too worried yet.

Thank you, brad! I’ll try to stress less on her behalf.

Any idea when about in weight loss I should start the freakout? What percentage of body weight loss is considered danger-mode for an adult?

Working on a Farrow army themed around the factions of Warmachine. So far, it involves a lot of “creative” conversions. 

Expect more of these piggies in the future.




Sketch of hello-jaska’s themed pokemon team. All pink all the time!


They say that time is money, but time is way way more valuable. You can earn money. You can only spend time.

Crushing disappointment. 

Going to attempt to feed Lilly again tonight.

She shed this morning, so i’m hoping she’ll have an appetite this time. Trying not to get my hopes too high though… 
Ugh. I knew before i got a ball python that they were finicky eaters… i just didn’t think this would effect me so much emotionally.

If this attempt doesn’t work, i’ve got a few more slightly-desperate things i’m going to try… but then it’s vet time… :C


Old starters, new megas for Pokémon X/Y

When you start playing Pokémon X/Y, you’ll get to pick which creature you want to start with (Fennekin, Froakie, or Chespin) from a selection offered to you by a friend, but you’ll also eventually get to choose from a familiar set of three from Professor Sycamore: Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle.

Each of those three will have Mega forms that you can bring out in battles once you have their unique Mega Stones. You can check out some of their Mega attacks in this new trailer, and hear hints about how Mega Rings and Key Stones work in this morning’s Pokémon Direct video

PREORDER Pokemon X and Y, official strategy guide, upcoming games

Aww hell yeah~

butthurtherpetologist said: you may want to try putting her in a smaller enclosure for now and just gradually letting her get acclimated to the large one. The sudden enclosure change and apartment move may have stressed her out more than she is comfortable with.

Sure. I could try that. I could try anything right now.

How would one exactly go about gradually letting her get acclimated?
What would you recommend? Just using her old enclosure again, and occasionally put her in the new one? Roping off the new one and making it smaller? Maybe putting the old cage IN the new cage? (I can’t run both cages at the same time, unfortunately. I only have one thermostat and i’m reusing a heating unit and the hides.)

I’m worried more housing changes are just going to make this worse… especially since the old enclosure is a nightmare keeping the temps and humid at standard levels… but then again proper temps and humidity levels have done fuck-all for me so far. God dammit i have no idea what to do T^T

I’m at my wits end with my snake.

I spent hundreds of dollars and hours upon hours of research, getting her the best housing upgrade I possibly could… and she hates it. She wont eat. She wont rest at night. It’s been 12 days since the enclosure swap, and every night she tries to escape.
  • Old Enclosure (above photo)
    Glass aquarium, dimensions 30”x13”x13” Humidity 30%, despite daily sprayings and a covered screen top. Temps 73 to 89, with almost 100 directly under the heat lamp. Two hides, which cover up the entire floorspace of the cage along with the water bowl.
  • New Enclosure (below photo)
    PVC custom cage, dimensions 36”x23”x18”. Humidity is at 60%. Temps are 79 to 85, with a 90 being the hottest directly under the RHP. She has 4 hides. One humid, two hot, one cool. Four hides cover half of the floorspace. 
 I just don’t understand why she doesn’t like this new enclosure! It should be lightyears of improvement! I’ve done my research, I’ve looked at probably a hundred care sheets, and asked several snake keepers for opinion, and all the specs should be spot on! I’m at my wits end :C

She’s been fasting since before the cage switch, thanks to our apartment move.
 But every night she noses against the door cracks trying to escape. She’s pushed back all the aspen in one corner from constantly pushing against the door. I’ve tried to feed her, and she shows interest in food! She coils and smells and gets in hunting mode as I thaw it… but ultimately after 20 to 30 minutes of dancing the thawed rodent she sulks away into a hide. She’s been fasting for three months since we moved, but hadn’t lost weight in that time… suddenly, i put her in the new cage, and within a month she’s lost 93 grams from her ~1800 starting point. 

I’m so frustrated… i don’t know what else I can do other than what i’ve done… I love her. I want her to be healthy. I want her to eat again. I want to be able to handle her again… This fasting and nightly escape-attempts are driving me to tears with worry….

Okay okay.

No more dragon posts on here it’s getting silly.

Dragon madness has been moved to my pathetic side-blog.


*runs screaming into the night*