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Oh Lillychan, you drop-dead gorgeous animal. She was loving the warmth of the sunshine, and stayed still long enough for me take some close up shots. 

"This infection is a blessing, and it is my purpose to spread this gift." -Sepsis

I never liked Envy as a character until he turned into a giant bad-ass lizard monster. That’s a sure-fire way to become cool in my book.

Been re-watching Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood with friends, and now I’ve got alchemy on the braaaain.

Lillychan’s snoot appreciation post

Dryin’ off after bath times.

Dammit Lilly-chan. YOU WERE DOING SO WELL.

Finally shook off her many-months fast, ate three small rats over the course of three weeks. Fourth small rat? Nope. Okay maybe it’s time for her mediums again. Nope.


She’s been like this for hours.

When I adopted Lillychan she came with a 20gal aquarium, a heat lamp, and two hides…

Now she lives in a god damn snake penthouse. 

Spoiled brat.

Protectapig is definitely my favorite conversion I’ve made so far.

Went to a sheep sheering festival because I know how to party on a saturday. 

Had to draw some of the characters I saw there. A very photogenic cow, and lots of talkative sheep.

Anxiety doodles turn out pretty much like drunk doodles. 

Cool, but whatthefuckevenisit.

Sketches of various constrictor profiles, attempting to help illustrate that these snakes don’t just vary in color and size, but there’s tons of variation even down to facial structure.

This was a fun exercise~

Asker skullbird Asks:
Hey Brad! I've got a ball python that went off feed in Sept after a move + cage upgrade from a 1'x1.5' glass tank to a 2'x3' plastic custom enclosure. She has four hides, temps 82-90. Not handling her. She weighed ~1700g in Sept, and now weighs 1568g now. I've tried everything but live in terms of getting her interested in food. Is it vet time, or could it still be a winter fast, and i shouldn't stress? She fasted 4 months last year. Thanks, friend :<
skullbird skullbird Said:


Its probably still a winter fast. Thats not too big of a drop in weight for her size, so I wouldn’t be too worried yet.

Thank you, brad! I’ll try to stress less on her behalf.

Any idea when about in weight loss I should start the freakout? What percentage of body weight loss is considered danger-mode for an adult?

Working on a Farrow army themed around the factions of Warmachine. So far, it involves a lot of “creative” conversions. 

Expect more of these piggies in the future.